Yusho Delivers!
Weekly Specials!
Solidarity Soup

Sunday Midday menu available from 12—3 pm,
with dinner service starting at 4 pm (and the bar open in between!)


    • Chinese Tamale $7
      glutinous rice, taiwanese sausage, shitake, bamboo leaf

    • Gudetama $4
      lazy egg, katsuo dashi, toasted rice, scallionf


    • Charred Miso Ramen $17
      pork broth, shaved cabbage, naruto, pork belly, tea egg, nori

    • Breakfast Ramen $15
      tamago, maple-shiso sausage tsukune, scallion, bacon tare

    • Hangover Ramen $16
      pork belly rasher, pork broth, spicy garlic, fermented greens, cilantro

    • Mushroom Ramen $16
      maitake, black sesame tare, soft tea egg, pickled shimeji, fried parsnip

    • Yusho Congee $17
      lazy egg, fried shallot, head-on prawns, fish sauce